Environmentally Safe Septic Tank Bacteria

Septic Tank Bacteria and Enzyme Mixture
Used in the Field by the Professionals

Septic Tank Bacteria and Enzyme Mixture

v Environmentally Safe
v All Natural
v Biodegradable
v Non Poisonous
v Non Corrosive
v Non Caustic

Environmentally Safe Septic Treatment Products

Our septic treatment products are unique in that each ingredient is functional or contributes to the biodegradation process.

Our 5 septic tank enzymes are:
  1. PROTEASE - breaks down proteins
  2. LIPASE - breaks down grease
  3. PECINASE - breaks down pectins and gums
  4. CELLULASE - breaks down papers and fibers
  5. AMYLASE - breaks down starches

Our Septic Tank Treatment Products Work in Septic Systems Where Bacertia Alone Does Not!

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Septic Treatment Packets

A favorite of home owners because of it's convenience. Simply pour a septic bacteria and enzyme packet into the toilet, flush, and you're done. Each box of packets contains 12 individual, pre-measured, monthly septic tank treatments.

$59.99 - Free shipping in the US

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Septic Treatment Canister

Our 2 lb. canister contains the same environmentally safe, natural septic bacteria and enzyme product as our packets. Larger commercial accounts often use an entire canister on a weekly or monthly basis. Septic tank bacteria and enzyme canisters are also great for doing shock treatments for septic, grease traps, and drainfield repairs and restorations.

$89.99 - Free shipping in the US

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